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Alternative natural healing method to alleviate your symptoms.

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Common uses of medical cannabis

Medical cannabis therapy can help alleviate symptoms in a variety of conditions.

Course of treatment

Medical cannabinoid therapy takes place under professional medical supervision.

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Ask us for a free and non-binding treatment with medical cannabis to alleviate your symptoms.

Screening of your documents

Your details will then be checked and the documents on your illness will be screened. If further documents are to be submitted later, you will be informed.

Personal consultation with the doctor

In an initial personal consultation on site, you will speak to one of our doctors about your medical history and current symptoms. After a brief examination, the doctor will then explain the further course of the therapy to you.

Follow-up appointments for treatment control

After receiving your preparation, the follow up sessions are usually carried out in digital form during video consultations with your doctor, provided this is justifiable in compliance with recognized professional standards. The therapy can be checked here at regular intervals and adjusted if necessary.

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What is EvoCan?

The private medical practice EvoCan was founded in Lower Bavaria in 2022 by a team of doctors specializing in cannabis-based medicine for the treatment of chronically ill patients. Through the combination of integrative naturopathic medicine and digitized processes using modern telemedicine, we can offer our patients comfortable treatment of their complaints.

Is cannabis suitable for me as a medical therapy?

We look after patients with a wide variety of diseases and accompany them through the entire process in order to make the treatment you need as safe and uncomplicated as possible. We would be happy to clarify with you whether cannabinoids could be a therapy option in your individual case.

How does the therapy process with EvoCan look like?

At the beginning of the therapy you will fill out a medical questionnaire about the treatment. This is then evaluated and checked by our doctors. This process is completely free for you. If we have all the necessary documents, we will arrange an appointment with you for an initial personal meeting on site. Thanks to our cooperation with mail-order pharmacies, the prescribed preparation can be conveniently sent to your home by parcel if you wish and within the scope of your free choice of pharmacy. After the on-site consultation, the further consultation hours take place in digital format via video consultation hours, insofar as this is medically justifiable.

Can I continue to drive while on cannabinoid therapy?

According to current law, patients are generally allowed to participate in road traffic if their ability to drive is not impaired as a result of the medication, which means they must be able to drive a vehicle safely. The same legal situation applies here as for other medications, such as opioid prescriptions. Your attending physician will explain to you again in a personal consultation what needs to be observed in this regard, especially at the beginning of therapy. However, personal legal advice may only be given to you by a lawyer.

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