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Free treatment request

Ask us for a free and non-binding treatment with medical cannabis to alleviate your symptoms. You can conveniently submit your treatment request online from home. You will then receive digital documents from us with information on the further course of the therapy. We ask you to carefully fill out the documents and questionnaires issued and then upload them via our secure upload form together with your doctor's letters, diagnosis confirmations or earlier prescriptions.

Screening of documents

As soon as we have received all the documents, they will be checked by doctors and the patient file will be created. If further documents are to be submitted later, you will be informed. If you are eligible for medical cannabis therapy, you will be invited to a personal interview in the next step.

Personal consultation with the doctor

In a personal initial consultation in our practice in Saal an der Donau, you will speak to one of our doctors about your medical history and symptoms. After a physical examination, the doctor will then explain the further course of the therapy to you. Please bring an identity card/passport and your medical documents with you (doctor's letter, confirmation of diagnosis, medication plan, etc.).

Follow-up appointments for therapy support

After receiving your medical cannabis, the therapy will be evaluated at regular intervals and, if necessary, the dosage or the medication will be adjusted by your doctor. At EvoCan we offer you the option of telemedical follow-up treatment. This usually happens every 4 weeks. You will talk to your doctor in digital form during video consultation hours, provided this is justifiable in compliance with recognized professional standards within the meaning of Section 630a BGB. On the one hand, the continuous consultation hours are necessary from a medical point of view, since the therapy must be continuously accompanied, documented and evaluated, on the other hand, regular checks are required by law due to the strict legal requirements in the field of narcotics.

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